Titanium Front Axle Bolt - Machined with captive washer from grade 5 titanium. M14 x 1.5mm (22mm Socket Size) Fits many bikes see list below. 50% lighter than steel original, also has a 8.5mm hole through the centre, so axle crash mushroom / sliders can be fitted. Highly resistant to corrosion, and in self colour TItanium, other colours are NOT available.

Additional Information

: Part No. R1C1
: Material Titanium
: Weight 28.0000
: Head Style Special - Hex Head
: To Fit Size 14mm
: Thread Pitch 1.50mm
: Length 31mm
: Thread Length 20mm
: Head Diameter 34mm
: Head Height 8mm
: Socket Size 22mm
: Pack Quantity Individual


Will fit the following models



CB1000R '08+  
CB1300 '03-'05  
CB600 Hornet '07+  
CB600 Hornet FY-F5 '99-'06
CB600 Hornet SFW-SFX '98-'99
CB750-900 DOHC F2 '92-'01
CB900 Hornet '01-'07  
CBF1000 ABS '06-'08  
CBF1000 ABS '09+  
CBF600-S '08+  
CBR1000 FM '91-'92  
CBR1100 XX Blackbird '01-'05
CBR1100 XX Blackbird '97-'00
CBR400RR NC29 Gull Arm - '90-'94
CBR600 F1-F5 '00-'04  
CBR600 FS1-FS2 '01'02  
CBR600 FX-FY '99-'00  
CBR600RR '03-'04  
CBR600RR '05-'06  
CBR600RR '07-'08  
CBR600RR '09+  
CBR900RRN-RRS Fireblade '92-95
CBR900RRT-RRV Fireblade '96-'97
CBR900RRW-RRX Fireblade '98-'99
RVF400 NC35 '94-'99  
VFR800 FIW-FI1 '97-'01  
VFR800 V-TEC '02-'05  
VTR1000 F Firestorm '97-'01
VTR1000 SP1 - RC51 '00-'01
VTR1000 SP2 - RC51 '02-'05
XL1000V A4-A9 ABS Varadero '04-'09

YZF R6 '06-07
YZF1000 R1 '04-'06
YZF R6 '03-'04
YZF R6 '08-'12
YZF1000 R1 '07-'08
FJR1300 AS '06+
YZF R6 '05  
YZF1000 R1 '02-'03
YZF1000 R1 Big Bang '09-'12
V-MAX '09 1679cc


Aprilia RS250 1996 on



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