ULTRASONIC MOTORCYCLE CARB CLEANING - POSTAL SERVICE AVAILABLE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Specialist ultrasonic motorcycle carb cleaning service using hi-tech new process which cleans the carbs internally and externally without using abrasive methods which can often do more harm than good. Has your bike been standing for some time? If the fuel has gone off in the carbs the bike will not run properly and you can waste countless hours manually cleaning the carbs only to find there is still a blockage when you refit them. The price charged is the cost of cleaning one carb £40 (inc vat) which is delivered to us removed from the bike but as a complete unit. Please note if you wish to post your carb/carbs to us please ring for a price quote including return postage to you. The cleaning removes old petrol deposits from internal passageways working especially well on bikes that have been standing for some time. 

 Our High-Tech state of the art machine bounces ultrasonic waves through a mixture of mild cleaning solution and temperature controlled water for a specific period of time. We use an industrial  Langford Sonomatic Electrically Heated Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank, internal dimensions 600mm x 500mm x 250mm deep with temperatures upto 80 deg C We can also get other parts in this large tank, such as shock absorbers, crank casing , even an engine!



cost for bike carb  cleaning  service


£40.00 PER CARB INCLUDING VAT (price is for one carb off the bike, we dismantle and rebuild)

Single Carb                      £40.00 Inc Return Postage Service 

Twin Carbs                      £55.00

Triple Carbs                     £70.00

Four Carbs                       £85.00

Six Carbs                         £110.00


£60.00 PER CARB INCLUDING VAT (price is for one carb off the car, we dismantle and rebuild) 

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